Five easy steps to tranferring your existing domain



1. To be safe allow a few days overlap before your contract ends (unless you really want to get away from a horrible evil host and don't mind people not finding your site for a few days!).

2. Figure out whether you want to move to our Unix or NT servers. If you need to find out what kind of server you are currently on check out the "What's that site running" link on our tools page.

Our unix servers are running Apache/1.3.9 (Unix) PHP/3.0.13 mod_frontpage/ on FreeBSD, and our NT sites are running NT (big surprise, eh?). If you are moving from a host with a similar server structure there should be no problem in downloading all your existing files from your current host, and uploading them to our servers.

3. Find your original registration info, as you will need to notify the original registrar. If you did this prior to 1998, it was probably with Network Solutions, Inc. If you registered more recently it might be any number of other registrars. If your current host took care of this for you, then do a search on your domain with Betterwhois or Internic, as your registrar should be listed in the record.

4. Notify the registrar of your decision to move to our servers. Since you may have a little geek in your blood, then you may already know how to transfer a domain name. If that's the case here's the info you need.

Primary Name Server

Secondary Name Server

5. You will probably have to reply via email confirming that you really do want the transfer to happen. So, when you get an email asking if it is OK then say OK, yes, affirmative; or whatever they say. If you have problems you can forward those emails to us and we can help you out.


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