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The just-released results of the Poynter Institute's "Eyetrack" study shows how consumers read the online equivalent of a newspaper.

Editor and Publisher reports the principle finding. At newspaper Web sites, users tend to look first at and look most intently at the text. They normally just gloss over photos and images in search of meaningful textual information. That's a reverse of reader behavior in print. This Eyetrack study may surprise you. [Wednesday, May 3, 2000] Here's an abstract:

"The Stanford-Poynter study of online readership found readers often fixating first on news briefs or captions. Researchers noticed that readers' eyes then shifted to the photos and graphics on the screen, usually after they had returned to the first page after clicking on a brief to get to the complete article.

Creating or remodeling your own site now to fix this problem? Here's one of the recognized experts and his list of the "top ten" mistakes of Web design.

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