Site Usabilty: the key to Success for the Web-Savvy



Zillionbucks prides itself on adherence to Internet usability guidelines. We have advanced degrees in information science, by the way, but we try to be modest about this.

The evidence? You'll notice a real shortage of useless sound, huge graphics and extraneous java applets here. We're fresh out of useless blinking thingies. In fact, we sent that sales rep packing years ago.

We're proud of our lean and mean traditions here. Why? These "features" are often just used by "Web designer" soloists, trumpeting their acquisiiton of the latest cool software. You pay for the software but often these mouse jockeys don't add much value to your Internet presence with their experiments on your dime. Some of the new Web technologies generally annoy visitors to your site who have just a job to do. Have a glance at Southwest Airline's site, one of the top-rated sites now. Thinking of peanuts? FORTUNE again lists Southwest Airlines the most admired airline this year in1999, as in 1998, 1997 and 1996.

The "information architecture" of a commercial Web site can be just as important as the architecture and interior design of your home or office. Think of the supermarket that puts the dairy case in the back of the store. You have to look around for the milk, and then look around again for the bread. Yikes! This spells doom for web sites used by professionals and busineses. People won't stand for that. There are too many choices for Web visitors now.


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