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Zillionbucks provides low-priced "Pointer Sites" for all our existing customers who want to provide yet another way for visitors to discover their services and products. There's another bonus, Zillionbucks clients can increase their rankings with the Web search engines with these "Pointer Sites."

How do these Pointer Sites work? For a very small additional fee, another smaller, website under a second domain name that you own, "points" the way for customers, so they arrive instead at your main Web site - seamlessly and invisibly!

For example, say you are in a business that sells boats. If you own the domain names canoes.com and boats.com you are pretty lucky! In this case, use canoes as a "pointer" to your main site, boats.com. Many Internet search engines use the name of the site, and link popularity as part of their ranking methods. If someone does a search for whitewater canoes, a site such as canoes.com will be ranked higher than outdoorequipment.com because the word "canoes" is present in the name of the domain.

Having additional sites pointing at your main site shows that your site is popular, and will lead to a boost in your rankings. Also, if you have just changed your domain name, you can convert the old domain to a pointersite so that it can continue to bring traffic - and important e-mails - to your firm. There are reasonable limits with these Pointer Sites: 500 kb total server space (Web and mail files etc.) and a 500 mb monthly data transfer limit (bandwidth). At these very inexpensive prices, you'll understand why we can only make these offers to existing customers that hold at least one of of our standard plan packages.

Here's to you—and your first Zillionbucks!

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