. . . .Introducing "pointer" sites for Web-Savvy People


New to the concept of "pointer sites?"

An additional, smaller, website - under a second domain name that you also own - "points" the way for your customers. Entering this site actually takes them directly to your main Website - seamlessly and invisibly!

Example: You have a web site already and you are now becoming well-known for photos of sharks. But almost nobody knows this about you! Register the domain name (be quick!) shark-photographs.com and set up your pointersite at Zillionbucks.

Then www.shark-photographs.com would take a visitor to a page on that site where you introduce this prospect to your specialty. Any or all links on that site take this potential customer to your existing Zillionbucks hosted main site: www.fish-photographs.com

The offer? Simply add $41.00* per year to the price of your main sites annual hosting fee and Zillionbucks will host your pointer site for one year.

Read more about how to use pointersites in our special section.

Here's to you—and your first Zillionbucks!

*excludes any domain name registration, and requires a one-time setup fee of $35 per pointer site.

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