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". . .The pointer site offer from Zillionbucks also sounds like a great deal. I just worked out a deal with someone to handle most of my pointers for $45.00 a year . . . I thought I had a great deal until your offer.... "
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www.yourdomain.com Set-up in 24 hours or less
Web-based Control Panel Unlimited POP3 Email Boxes
Personal CGI-BIN Access Unlimited Email Forwarding
Low cost Pointer sites Unlimited Email Aliases
Web Based Email Configurations New! WebMail access worldwide
Dedicated IP Auto Responders
PGP Email 24/7 FTP access
Analog stats package Anonymous FTP
Access to Raw Logs Graphical Statistics
Free Secure Server (SSL) FrontPage support
Streaming Real Audio/Video Password Protected Directories
Daily Backups/RAID  

Unix features

24/7 Telnet Access mySQL-database available
Free shopping cart SSI
PHP support form-mail

Other Features

ODBC DSN Setup for NT web sites
Cybercash e-commerce
Terms and Conditions
  • Free Setup fee offer requires one year prepaid non-refundable contract (new accounts only).
  • Each additional Domain Pointer/Aliases is a one time set-up fee of $35
  • Server space over 20mb limit will be billed $2 per 10mb per month.
  • Transfer above 1GB limit will be billed at $2 per 10mb per month.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee does not apply to natural disasters or connectivity provider problems.

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