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". . .The pointer site offer from Zillionbucks also sounds like a great deal. I just worked out a deal with someone to handle most of my pointers for $45.00 a year . . . I thought I had a great deal until your offer.... "
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1. The Basic Zillionbucks Starter Packages of Web Services
Period of Service
Prices in USD
Server Space (Mb)
Data Transfer (Mb)
One-time Set-Up Charge
  3 months $45.00 40 1000 $35.00
  6 months $86.00 40 1000 $35.00
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2. Zillionbucks Industrial Strength Web Hosting Solutions
( No setup charge for annual accounts)
Add a Pointer-Site (500 kb)
  12 months $168.00 40* 1500* $41.00
  12 months $225.00 60* 2500* $41.00
  12 months $279.00 100* 5000* $41.00
  *Increased storage space and data transfer from previous plans
3. Zillionbucks Domain Name Registration Pricing Infomation
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Add a few more Zillionbucks services
Prices in $USD
  Set up for mySQL database $30.00 each
  Set up for NT hosting

$30.00 each

  Set up for Cybercash $75.00 each
  Adjustments to server $50.00 each
  Unix shopping-cart system set-up Free!
Our best plan-ahead rates
  Add up to 10 Mb of server space for a year. $50.00
Other charges
  Reconnection fee (in case of non-payment) $20.00 each
  Up to 1 mb of server space if over agreed limit $2.00 monthly
  Up to10 mb of transfer if over agreed limit $2.00 monthly

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