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The Webhost for Your Creative Business

What has Seth Resnick to say about Zillionbucks prices?

". . .The pointer site offer from Zillionbucks also sounds like a great deal. I just worked out a deal with someone to handle most of my pointers for $45.00 a year . . . I thought I had a great deal until your offer.... "

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Zillionbucks provides Web services for professionals and businesses requiring a solid, reliable Internet presence. Why pay a zillion bucks just to get up and running on the Internet?

Our customers typically have Web experience, but few have all the technical skills or enough time to maintain and enhance today's modern Web sites. Zillionbucks consultants are not soloists - but rather team players who will listen carefully to learn about your Internet needs and craft solutions. These are just a few of our services:

  • Web site hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Advice on dial-up services
  • Consulting on Web site design
  • Coaching on hiring designers, programmers and other vendors

  • Guidance on project management
  • Maintenance policies and procedures
  • Usability analysis
  • Marketing consultation

If you are looking for better value - or improved hosting service - for your web site, check our prices and features. You'll find the costs reasonable and the terms generous. About 85% of our clients have migrated from other services.

We invite you to consider the range of our services, our policies and support. Compare our professionalism and convenience to our competitors. You will discover that we can advance your Web business presence quickly, thoroughly and professionally.

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